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Professional Title:  Counsellor

Contact Number:  07593321360



Location:  New Road Psychotherapy Centre

Membership:  MBACP

Fee:  £25 introductory meetings and £40 for individuals 

Availability: Monday and Friday from 8am to 5 pm

Andy Brett,


Life can be challenging for a whole range of reasons and knowing when you would find it useful to talk things through with someone is a sign of emotional maturity. I offer a counselling service that will help create change in your life, whether that’s in terms of how you approach the future, feel in the present or regard your past. This might mean undertaking short term counselling or be longer, open-ended therapy.

Counselling can help you in many ways: what you achieve will depend on your needs and focus during the work. For example, I have experience using my individual approach to help others:


·  Create positive, meaningful and lasting change

·  Address named issues such as stress, anxiety, anger, bereavement, separation, depression or low mood, lack of motivation, eating problems, self-harming behaviours, identity & sexuality issues, relationships or work related issues

·  Deal with low self-esteem or low self-worth

·  Talk through unresolved experiences from the       past

·  Explore difficulties with communication

·  Understand what’s behind a fear of change or feelings of being emotionally or psychologically disconnected

·  Make sense of unexpected life experiences

·  Reconcile unfulfilled hopes and expectations

I have particular experience working with stress, anxiety, depression, guilt, shame, relationship issues, phobias, family issues, addiction(s), separation and divorce, anger management, bereavement, low self-esteem, low self-confidence, emotional abuse, sex addiction, internet addiction, porn addiction, sex problems, infertility, hiv/aids, work related stress, smoking and seasonal affective disorder (sad).

I have also supported many clients with LGBT, gender and sexuality related issues and concerns.