Professional Title:  Core Process Psychotherapy (Humanistic, Integrative, Transpersonal and Psycho-spiritual Psychotherapy)

Contact Number:  07942 373 685


Location:  New Road Psychotherapy Centre

Membership: UKCP & BACP 

Fee: £40 - £45

Christine Nicholson,
Core Process Psychotherapist 

Christine Nicholson

"The voyage of discovery lies not in finding new landscapes, but in having new eyes".  Marcel Proust

I am a Core Process Psychotherapist in private practice in Brighton and have worked in a North London charity organisation at St Catherine's Hospice in West Sussex.  I also have over 15 years experience working in clinical private practice as a Biodynamic Craniosacral and Clinical Sports and Therapeutic Massage Therapist.

I use a gentle approach to psychotherapy that explores the possibility of change through the body and the mind.  I also offer a warm, respectful and spacious environment that welcomes all that you bring to each session.

The work aims to support you in developing an understanding of what makes you the person you are and how you respond to life, relationships and yourself, so to encourage a gentle reconnection to your inner wisdom and freedom.

I passionately believe there is inherent health within each of us and sometimes we unexpectedly lose contact with this inner vitality.  By enquiring into new ways of being with difficulty we can learn to respond to life in a way that includes all of an experience.  It takes courage to listen to our hearts hopes and dreams and my aim is to support you in this journey of reconnecting to your inner health and wellbeing.  Often it is not the destination that is important but what comes up along the journey that we learn the most from.

My intention is to bring compassionate awareness to what is happening in the body as a means to exploring the moment to moment experience of sensations, feelings, thoughts, images and memories. 

I believe it extremely important to create a trusting and safe therapeutic space where I see the relationship between client and therapist as being a unique relationship that is at the heart of the work as we respect each others beliefs, values, experiences, choices and hopes.  In my experience the client/therapist relationship can be influential in reframing and changing our earliest relationship difficulties.  This space offers a place where you can explore whatever you would like to bring and be received and heard non-judgementally.

As my work has evolved over the years I have become partiicularly interested in how trauma, loss, bereavement, grief and early attachment issues have been experienced and manifest in the body and in relationships throughout our lives.

My work has included working for many years with people who have experienced chronic pain from trauma (including birth), stress related symptoms, ME and chronic fatigue syndrome, addictions, life changes, grief, loss, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, identity crises, life meaning, health issues and fulfilling one's potential.

Core Process Psychotherapy is a unique practice that blends Buddhist Psychology with western psychotherapeutic and body mindfulness enquiry.  The origins of Core Process Psychotherapy are humanistic, integrative, transpersonal and psycho-spiritual in nature and help us uncover unconscious behaviour patterns and understand our place in the world by listening to the wisdom of the body and through awareness of the present moment.

Previous Experience:

I am originally from New Zealand and have been in private clinical practice for over 15 years.

My initial professional training was a Field Radio Operator in the NZ Army and after spending some time travelling I then went onto train full time as a Clinical Massage Therapist at the NZ College of Massage.  After completing a Diploma in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy with Resonance Training I moved to the UK where I undertook a two year Pre and Perinatal Trauma training at the Karuna Institute.  In 2010 I started the MA in Core Process Psychotherapy at the Karuna Institute where I am currently working towards completing the requirements of clinical hours for accreditation.

I am happy to work one to one with individuals and at present only over the age of 18 years of age.  Sessions are on a weekly basis and are of 50 minutes duration, this may be short or long term.  I have regular clinical supervision as is the requirements of the Karuna Institute, UKCP and BACP.  I also adhere to the UKCP & BACP codes of ethics.