Can therapy change your life? - Sara Todd

Have you ever thought of your therapist, ‘I want their life’? From a client perspective, as your therapy progresses,  it is very easy to idealise your therapist and think that they have the perfect existence: well-paid -- with your hard-earned cash; little physical exertion; shorter than average working hours... However, an article in the Telegraph (February 2016) suggests that psychologists (and therapists) suffer from the same frailties as everyone else.

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Is Meditation Useful or just a waste of Time? Sara Todd

Is meditation useful or just a waste of time?
At a time when no long journey, commute or queue needs to be endured without the use of a Smartphone; when many of us watch television while simultaneously emailing or gaming; while check texts has crept into meetings, dinner dates, the breakfast table…who wants to meditate? After all, isn’t meditation doing nothing at all – stripped of all external stimuli? And isn’t the whole point of the modern world that we never need be without stimuli?

So why meditate?

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What Mindfulness Isn't -- Sara Todd

What Mindfulness Isn’t


This is not about becoming a lazy, lobotomized, meditative vegetable, this is about understanding how activity comes out of stillness – activity is imbedded in stillnessJohn Kabat-Zinn  

Most of us recognise that Mindfulness isn’t about being busy, rushing around and never taking a moment for ourselves. However, there may be more subtle ways in which we can get the wrong end of the stick with what exactly Mindfulness is. Perhaps we have a perception of mindfulness as about moving around very slowly or chewing our food 26 times.

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In Search of a Safe Place for Therapy - Sara Todd

Here at New Road Psychotherapy Centre, twenty practitioners work in a centre where the five rooms available to us are used only for the purposes of counselling and psychotherapy as well as therapeutic groups. Although a lot of focus is generally placed on the therapist a client is going to see -- and they may be following a personal or professional recommendation -- a lot of people who come to our centre comment on the atmosphere of the rooms and how they feel different as soon as they walk in. What has created this atmosphere?

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Satisfaction in Life: the Ultimate Algorithm - Veronica Gregore

Initially understood as a cumulative sense of pleasure and achievement, satisfaction became the target of the CBT therapy through activity scheduling and behavioural activation. 
The research and literature refer to satisfaction in life as a combination of pleasurable and meaningful activities.
We can therefore define satisfaction as a function of the two experiences, the sense of pleasure and the sense of meaning.
Satisfaction in life = sense of pleasure + sense of meaning

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Understanding Self-harm - Alice Hartmann

Before I started working with people who self-harm I could not reconcile in me the possibility that someone who already suffers greatly emotionally could add to their suffering so directly and physically. I now work privately with this group of people and I also co-facilitate a self-harm support group in Brighton. These experiences have helped me make sense of this complex and challenging behaviour. I have outlined here some of the thoughts that help me create the kind of therapeutic relationship that a person who self-harm may benefit from.

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