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Professional Title:  Counsellor
Contact Number:  01273 324022
Location:  New Road Psychotherapy Centre
Membership:  BACP Accredited and Registered Counsellor


The first consultation is £50.
On-going sessions: £70 - £50


Susan Egan,
Psychodynamic Counsellor


Are feelings of anxiety bringing you down? Maybe you're feeling stressed and low and don't feel good about yourself. Does it seem like other people have got their lives sorted out but you haven't? Have you lost someone close and your life feels empty? Do you feel you have lost your way in life?

I have the expertise, as a therapist, to help you to try and bring some understanding for yourself as to what is going on.

Sometimes in life we need a little help. Counselling can be just what we need to get back some balance in our lives. Being able to talk things through, in confidence, with a supportive, non-judgemental therapist can bring relief from our worries. It may also help us to embrace life in more creative ways.

Difficulties and stress in the present may have stemmed from early life experiences. Understanding this can help towards changing how we view life and relationships; especially in connection to recurring patterns of behaviour. Counselling explores past and present feelings and the links between past and current relationships.

Therapy is helpful for a wide range of issues including: low self esteem, stress, anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties, work related issues and bereavement.

About Susan Egan

I am an experienced BACP Accredited and Registered Psychodynamic Counsellor, and work with people who have a range of problems and concerns.

I am a friendly and open minded therapist and  bring a rich and diverse background to my work as a therapist. I have a background in the visual arts, as well as art and design education. I have participated in psychotherapeutic personal development groups, and many mindfulness based practice groups and retreats. I have also led creative visual art self-exploration groups. In addition to this I have experience of a mindfulness based approach to therapy.

My core training is Psychodynamic but I also like to include other approaches when it is appropriate. I have undertaken further training in Mindfulness, Transactional Analysis, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Compassion Focused Therapy. Both open ended and short term therapy are available.