Initial Consultation Sessions

At New Road Psychotherapy we offer Initial Consultation sessions for only £25

  • We offer a 50 minute session with a fully qualified therapist.

  • The session can help to clarify the areas in your life you want to change.

  • It can help you think about the type of therapy you may want.

  • If requested would do our best to match you to a therapist we think will suit you.

  • The cost of the 50 minute session is £25

Please complete the form below to request an initial consultation session.

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Initial Consultation Session
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Price will vary depending on experience and training. If you are not sure, this can be discussed in the consultation.
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This is just an indicator of what you may want. It doesn't commit you to anything.
* Low Cost Counsellors are either students in training and gaining client hours for completion or have graduated and are engaged in further training. * If you are thinking of seeing one of the therapists charging £40 or more, you may want to look at the therapist page to have an idea of who you want to see. This is not a requirement and can be discussed in the assessment. * The therapists are placed in order of how long they have worked at New Road and is not an indicator of experience.